Meet the team that sets us apart

A diverse team of scientists, artists, salesmen and visionaries are at the core of our story. We're not following typical marketing trends; we're setting them.

Founder, SEO Designs

John McGarrah, Founder
I've been passionately developing now for over a decade. Having aquired my skills in the multimedia and computer science fields, my programming experience began with a design background that laid the groundwork for a comprehensive developer skill set. I have a wide array of experience in UX/UI design and development from websites to mobile applications with a touch marketing and search engine optimizing.

Jo Oshiro-Thompson

Jo Oshiro-Thompson, Director of Operations
My specialty is being the bridge between the operational and technical realms. I have numerous years of experience being a technical design architect and the go-to person for all operational needs. My over-all business mantra is that there should always be equality of information and transparency. Success should not be one-sided, but should be shared by everyone whom is involved.

Danny Dilworth, Senior Web Designer
I specialize in website, user interface, interactive, and graphic design. My unique approach to design is rooted in my desire to evoke, communicate, and clarify human emotions. From everything as simple as logo design, to the complex nature of an online community. At its core that is what design is all about, effective non-verbal connection.

Scott Kowaleski, Web Developer
With over 12 years of industry experience as a front end web developer I keep a user-first approach while staying cool under pressure in high-stakes environments. I specialize in UX/UI and excel in collaborative projects. I also have a strong interest in web content, SEO optimization, and logical solutions.

Aaron Ponce, Marketing Guru & Developer
Experienced, front end web developer with a strong background in SEO, SEM, scalable application design and website architecture. I have a strong passion for web technologies, and enjoy helping sites grow to their full potential.

Mike Henderson, Technical Manager & Developer
Bringing over 10 years experience in the Web industry, which he has used primarily to help nonprofits succeed in the online space, Mike is the superglue that holds together many complex technical solutions. Specializing in PHP, Javascript, CSS and XHTML, Mike has helped clients such as Heifer International, Amnesty International, FamilyLife and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Wei Sun, Senior Database Developer & Business Analyst
Experienced back end developer with over 7 years experience on data modeling, database design, ETL and data warehouse design. Specializing in SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL database. I have many years experience analyzing business requirements, and turn it into technical terms for developers.

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