Social Media Generates More Client Referrals

social media

An overlooked opportunity in any internet marketing strategy is social media. Social media is not just for recreational use.

Considering that 66% of adults who use the internet use social networking sites , it’s clear that having a social media plan is just as critical to the success of your business as having a search-engine-optimized website.

Social media has changed the way customers find products and services, how they decide to purchase products and services, and how (and how quickly) they share their opinions and experiences. Each time a customer mentions a business on a social networking site, they increase the likelihood for that business to display in search engine results.

But, before jumping into the social media fold, it’s important to understand that the first step to building a successful social media campaign is to listen to your audience. Only then can you actively participate in, and eventually lead, conversations about your business. SEO Designs can show you how to constructively interact with customers on social networks.

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